Raves for “QED” Reprise

 “An amazing performance in INDRA’S NET THEATER’S “QED” at Berkeley City Club”

“Jeff Garrett has an amazing talent …..He captures the smartest-guy –in-the-room nerdy Jewish kid grown up into a Nobel Laureate thing. It is as if Richard Feynman is in the room.”

“good writing, but it is Jeff Garrett that makes it fly.”

“a tour de force”

“I recommend it.”

—John McMullen, Examiner.com
“Garrett is engaging, highly energetic in his portrayal of an engaging personality.”

—Ken Bullock, Berkeley Daily Planet

“Feynman is a dynamic, engaging figure, entertainingly and powerfully portrayed by Garrett. …the audience is taken on a journey into the depths of the mind of a genius…this journey is very worth it. Parnell is an engaging, dynamic playwright, and Coughran’s direction keeps the action alive and moving.”

—Jonathan Bender, Berkeley Times
“TheaterStorm’s Pick of the Week”
“Highly Recommended!”

—Charles Kruger, TheaterStorm


Gold Star (5 star rating)
Goldstar Reviews:

“It held our attention the entire time and didn’t seem as long as it was. Jeff Garrett became Feynman and it was a great way to give you the essence of Feynman. Also loved the Berkeley City Club – very intimate.”

“Jeff Garrett was simply amazing portraying Dr. Feynmann. Not taking the opportunity to learn about who Dr. Feynman was in real life I knew very little about him going in but Garrett seemed to have so completely morphed into his character it was as though he were right there with us in the wonderfully small intimate space of the BCC theatre. He wove a fascinating sometimes emotionally wrought story of his early life working on the Manhattan Project, his love for his first wife, his passion for physics, women, dying and above all nature.”

“Excellent play. Incredibly well-acted in a beautiful room in an amazing building! Couldn’t have been better!”

“We thoroughly enjoyed the play and are intrigued enough by Feynman’s character to read more about him and his work. Setting was appropriate, lighting and sound enhanced the show, and the young female student added a twist to his already full and emotional day. Intimate theater in the round worked well. Superb acting especially by the main actor who truly embraced Feynman’s life. Well worth the time….encourage others to see it.”


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