The Secret of Life

Indra’s Net Theater received 4 award nominations from Bay Area Theater Critic’s Circle:

“Best Original Script”
“Best Principal Actress in a Play”
“Best Entire Production – East Bay”
“Best Entire Production – Bay Area”

“GoldStar Rating” 4.7 (out of 5)
TBA/BATCC “Recommended Production”

RAVES for The Secret of Life

“… emotionally fulfilling as well as intellectually stimulating.”
–TheatreStorm Read Review

“Laura Lowry sizzles as the antisocial, no nonsense Franklin”
–For All Events Read Review

“… the sense of excitement… is contagious.”
–Sam Hurwitt, San Jose Mercury News Read Review

It is early in 1951.  In  Cambridge, England a precocious 23-year old American, James Watson, arrives to work at Cavendish Laboratories and is put into a shared office with 36-year old English graduate student Francis Crick.   Several miles away in London, a brilliant British crystallographer, Rosalind Franklin, comes back from 3 years in Paris to work at Kings College Laboratories, and is given an assignment to work with a new sample of pure DNA, unknowingly intruding on the work of Dr. Maurice Wilkins at the same lab. The two groups will clash and chafe, and within a year one of the most important discoveries of the 20th century will emerge; the structure of the DNA molecule. The discovery will be called one of the most important in the history of Biology.  Francis Crick referred to it simply as The Secret of Life.

This play explores the fascinating relationships between these two teams of scientists, and the entertaining play of events as they headed for the unexpectedly ground-breaking discovery.  You’ll never look at a double helix molecule the same way again!

Berkeley, CA