Delicate Particle Logic

“What happens when the atom splits?”
“New worlds are made.”

Indra’s Net Theater is excited to be presenting our first world premiere play: Delicate Particle Logic, by Jennifer Blackmer. This beautiful play explores the relationship between science and art through the story of the discovery of nuclear fission.

“What happens when the atom splits?”
“The droplet parts, the subatomic Red Sea, and everything that’s missing in me spills into the void and fills with meaning. That’s science. And it’s so lovely.”

—from Delicate Particle Logic

Lise Meitner was undoubtedly one of the most brilliant physicists of the 20th century. Under the harshly male-dominated science elite of the time, she broke through to become the leader of a major scientific institute, and the first woman to have the title of “Professor” in all of Germany. Along with her long-time partner, chemist Otto Hahn, she began a series of experiments that led to the discovery of nuclear fission, a discovery that actually changed the world.

This play explores a meeting between Dr. Meitner and Hahn’s wife, Edith, who was a painter. The complicated swirl of their intertwined lives, two women and one man, mixes with the violent upheavals in the world, as the Nazi’s take over Germany and everything changes.

Come see the story of the discovery of nuclear fission, the confusions of a history re-written by politics, and the struggle to maintain valued relationships (and a sense of pride) in a time of tremendous stress. You may never see the splitting of the atom, or a painting, the same way again.

About the Playwright:

Jennifer Blackmer is a playwright and director, and an Associate Professor of theatre at Ball State University. She is currently a playwright in residence with the Ingram New Works Lab at the Tennessee Repertory Theatre, where she’s developing a new play with Broadway playwright Theresa Rebeck. Her latest play, Alias Grace (based on Margaret Atwood’s novel) received its first performance this summer with the Illinois Shakespeare Festival. In addition, her plays have been seen in New York (The Lark, EstroGenius Festival, MSP Emerging Female Voices), Minneapolis (The Playwrights’ Center), and the Chicago area (Museum of Science and Industry, Illinois Wesleyan University) among others. Other plays include O’Neill finalist The Human Terrain, Elegy No. 5, and Delicate Particle Logic. Recent directing credits include the American premiere of Lost: A Memoir at Indiana Repertory Theatre, and the musical Spring Awakening at Ball State.

Berkeley, CA