Indra’s Net Theater Presents

by Ira Hauptman

Directed by Bruce Coughran

Dec. 21 thru Jan. 14, 2018
At the Berkeley City Club


Avanthika Srinivasan and  Heren Patel in Partition

What press is saying…

“The struggle between Indian spirituality and English stubbornness comes to an intimate and exciting revelationRamanujan (enthusiastic, endearing Heren Patel) wins us over by his humility and charm… Alan Coyne’s intense and gripping portrayal of Professor G.H. Hardy launches us on a conflicted emotional journey … The play asks a timely question about immigrants in an imperial setting: What keeps supposedly sophisticated Westerners from appreciating the genius of their colonial immigrants?” – Barry Horwitz, Theatrius

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“Partition” Celebrates Spiritual Insights, at Indra’s Net, Berkeley

Partition works…it touches on numerous issues that have universal significance…the characters are fascinating, and their portrayals by a worthy cast are convincing and engaging….highly entertaining and accessible.” – Victor Cordell, For All Events

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“Heren Patel is heartbreakingly anxious as Ramanujan…”   

“Dramatic and disturbing… played with brusque eccentricity… at times it’s positively playful” – Sam Hurwitt, San Jose Mercury News

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Review: Math genius consumes himself in haunting Berkeley play


Berkeley, CA