Upcoming Season 2017 TBA

Dec. 22, 2016 thru Jan. 15, 2017
Darwin in Malibu by Crispin Whittell
Directed by Bruce Coughran

“Be prepared for a wild ride of imagination.”
Robert Gardner, Theatrius

Darwin in Malibu, by Crispin Whittell, is a comedy originally produced in England.  The play takes as its basis a re-play of the famous 1860 debate between Thomas Huxley and the Bishop of Oxford about Darwin’s theory of Evolution, but with a twist.

Darwin has retired to a beach house in Malibu where he reads trashy novels, walks on the beach, and drinks fruit smoothies made by the sweet, young Sarah.  His peace is broken by the arrival of his old friend Thomas Huxley, closely followed by the Bishop of Oxford who want to re-hash their famous 1860 debate over evolution.  Darwin wants none of it.  But after a long night, filled with beach walks and smoothies, the discussion ends up being not only an exploration of the role of faith and science, but also love, loss and the meaning of mortality. 

“…a humorous and interesting look into a vital intellectual realm.   The play provides considerable food for thought in an entertaining package.” Victor Cordell , For All Events

“Robert Ernst is a particularly entertaining bundle of agitation and aggravation as Huxley…”
Sam Hurwitt, San Jose Mercury News

Directed by Bruce Coughran

Starring:  George Killingsworth*, Robert Ernst*, Leandra Ramm* and Stuart Hall

*Member of Actor’s Equity Association

Berkeley, CA